One of our healthy eating activities,
discovering and graphing the number of
seeds in cherry tomatoes

Here are some more essays from the 4th/5th graders on how to live a healthy life. The first one is a letter from two doctors to a patient seeking health advice. I especially love the final tag-line.

Dear “troubled person,”

Hi! So, you may have a problem. If all other diets fail, and you want to help yourself, you’ve come to the right place. You should start by finding a workout schedule. Then start going outside more! (It gives you Vitamin D.) Then throw out all of your “junky stuff” and start counting calories. Then come to me and my assistant. You should ask us about proper vitamins and what foods give you what.

For instance, you should eat orange and yellow food because it has Vitamin A and makes your skin, hair, and eyes healthier. Red foods have Vitamin C. Blue foods have antioxidants. White foods have potassium. Green foods have iron, antioxidants, and fiber which makes you feel full and digests your food. So, make a rainbow salad!

Thank you for having service with us. Remember, lose that flab and trade it with ab.

This next essay is written by three 5th grade boys who describe how they stay healthy. It makes me wish I could list “climbing trees” as one of my health strategies!

The way we stay healthy is we do bike rides, chin ups, pushups and sit ups. Also on Wednesdays and Fridays we run about one mile. We try not to eat junk food. I am giving up ice cream and other fattening foods. Also we climb trees and other outside things. We eat fruits, vegetables, and meat for protein, and different vitamins.

Some of us get 8 hours of sleep and we don’t drink those sugary sports and soda drinks. We play sports and do jujitsu.