So, the last few weeks have been extremely busy for me, as often happens during the summer. Consequently, I’ve been ignoring the blog and also been ignoring my running routine. For a while there, I was running 3-4 times a week and doing yoga once a week. In the last month, I’ve done enough traveling and working that I’ve barely run at all. Consequently, I wanted to find some inspirational reading that would motivate me to get moving again. This morning I went for a quick fifteen minute run and have felt better all day. And lo and behold, the internet/blogosphere provided me with a lot of reading to keep the motivation high. I thought I would share:
Zen Habits posted 10 Life Lessons from a Reluctant Runner. I relate to so many things on this list, including dating a runner who convinced me of its benefits, as well as sometimes hating runs (but loving it after I get back from one).

NYTimes has an interesting article on the science behind why exercise makes us feel good. Turns out it reduces anxiety, and makes stressed out rats a lot more resilient. I think the only reason I got through my first year of teaching is because I picked up running.

I also like this article on Thomas Farley, New York City’s health commissioner, who is doing some pretty admirable things to advocate for a healthier city. He also exercises every day, which is what I someday hope to say is my habit as well.

Plus, exercise improves memory!

Hopefully this will be enough to keep me motivated to run even though it’s going to be 90 degrees all week…