The USDA put out a proposed before/after menu for schools, comparing what old lunches look like (hot dogs, pizza, tater tots…basically baseball game food) to what the new ones should look like when schools start following the new guidelines. Hooray! The new menu looks fantastic. These are the types of meals I would like my students to be eating. But, like I said in my previous post, now kids need to be taught how and why to eat these new healthy foods. Otherwise they won’t eat them.

Here is some other coverage of the new lunch regulations:

Marion Nestle on Food Politics (who says kids need to be taught where their food comes from for this to work)
NY Times (which says that the potato industry is apparently still upset that “the potato is being downplayed in favor of other vegetables.” Good.)
Fed Up with Lunch (who says kids need more time to eat these healthy lunches…currently they get about 15 minutes at most schools)