Just discovered Marika Richoz’s food/health/life blog. First post I read, “Yoga is for self-obsessed control freaks,” made me laugh out loud. It basically captures exactly how I feel about yoga. My favorite part:

Focus on my breath? Boring.
And I go to the gym everyday, why am I not as flexible as this guy in his 50s who is 20 pounds overweight?
I bet I could get a better work out doing Pilates.
I hate camel pose. I feel like I am being strangled.
When is this class over? 
There are some of us who go through life with self-confidence and a good grasp on who we are, what makes us tick and how to get there.  
Then there are some of us who are constantly looking for answers. Answers to why the hell we are so sensitive and how we can fix all our perceived character flaws. We are usually eccentric perfectionists .We play amateur psychologist to ourselves and everyone around us.
And then we get into yoga. 
It offers up the prescription we have been looking for.