The flowers are blooming like crazy around here, and I never can decide which I like better, the spring bloom or the summer. I’m grateful for both. Here are some links to help start a beautiful summer weekend.

Food packaging materials contain a lot of iffy chemicals. Yikes.

Any idea how much water it takes to grow ONE almond? A gallon. Crap.

A beautiful tribute to dragonflies, my mom’s favorite insect.

There’s a lot of junk food at the School Nutrition Conference. I used to work for an organization that promoted healthy school lunches, and articles like this make me cringe.

How to ride a bike in a skirt! So awesome!

11 TED talks to give you wanderlust (as if I need more help in that department).

One of my favorite genres to read, as a non-scientist, is fiction books about scientists/naturalists and the adventures they have (think Barbara Kingsolver and Ann Patchett). Turns out a lot of other people do too. Here’s a whole podcast on it.

On having one priority to help organize your life.

On living the simple life.