TeachRunEat: maintaining the calm while being an insanely busy elementary school teacher
I think I am finally crawling out from under the huge pile of stuff that needed to be done at the beginning of the school year. This was my first weekend that wasn’t jam-packed with plans, either, so I finally had some time to relax and catch up. Here are some lovely things for maintaining a healthy life while being an insanely busy elementary school teacher:

For maintaining the calm:

A gratitude list for fall

Don’t worry, be happy now.

For staying healthy:

3 ways to start making your life an adventure.

pumpkin + oatmeal = the best combination in the world

I had this last night and it was delicious. Alas, the end of cherry tomato season is here.

For keeping the passion for teaching:

I want to put these illustrations from Maurice Sendak up in my classroom.

A lesson in how teachers became resented and idealized.