Some links that helped me find calm/beauty/inspiration this weekend:

New beautiful food blog: Love and Lemons. I’m sure her butternut squash burrito bowl will turn out delicious when I make it tomorrow.

The NYTimes magazine‘s Food Issue is out today! I want to read all the articles, especially Getting Your Kids to Eat (or At Least Try) Everything and How School Lunch Became the Latest Political Battleground.

Jack Kerouac on kindness. He’s my fave.

I made crockpot apple butter, and it was so easy!

Young children should observe. everything.

What if every person treated trees as if they symbolize life?

New research finds a link between eating fruits and vegetables, and finding a greater sense of meaning in life. When encouraging someone to eat more vegetables, I feel like this isn’t the biggest thing you should emphasize. But it’s an intriguing find.