The beginning of the school year took over everything! No surprise there of course, but I apologize for going so long between posts. Now that the first month is over, I finally have time to share some inspirational links that have been carrying me through:

I really want to do Project 333, a challenge to reduce the amount of clothes you own. It’ll make deciding what to wear in the morning way easier.

8 ways to finish the year with love and intention. It’s only the beginning of fall, but the end of the year will be here before you know it. I liked this nice list of suggestions.

The truth of “Black Lives Matter,” so that no one can claim ignorance about this movement anymore.

We have to do a research project as part of our teaching this year (in our “spare time”) and I decided to do mine on mindfulness practices in the classroom. I’m so excited! I got these two books (Planting Seeds and Mindfulness for Teachers) and also started a pin board to kickstart my research.

I LOVE this teacher’s blog, Inquiring Minds. She has the coolest ways of nurturing curiosity, wonder, and inquiry with her kindergarteners! Like this kite inquiry they did recently.

The Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge looks amazing.

Stovetop granola! I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks awesome.

I am totally guilty of Inspirational Photo binging. This post was hilarious.