Some links to inspire on this beautiful fall day!

On summer’s departure. But autumn in the midwest, how do I love thee.

I may have already linked to this once, but I listened to the unedited version of Mary Oliver’s interview on the On Being podcast. She’s pretty amazing.

We are becoming the phone people! Yuck.

I really want to try making apple cider kombucha.

Speaking of fermented things, I follow this fermentation blog, Phickle, and would love to get her new book Ferment Your Vegetables!

Textbooks whitewashing history. No surprise there.

I don’t know much about this yet, but apparently Obama wants students to stop taking unnecessary tests. Heck yes.

I love this blog written by an American teacher who moved to Finland. He had an article in the Atlantic a while back which is how I found out about it. But I like his most recent post a lot as well: Finland’s teachers – with less stress and more time – collaborate naturally. My favorite line? “Collaboration is virtually impossible when teachers are overwhelmed.” My second favorite line? “Teachers need many opportunities to work together, and a lighter teaching load to maximize the time they spend together.” AMEN!

And for celebrating fall with your students…the Ultimate List of Books that Inspire Nature Explorations.