inspiration for the week
Spring is coming! I’ve decided (even though I realize my confession borders on sacrilege, given the popularity of fall in the collective minds of millennials) that spring is my favorite season. Nothing gets me more excited about life than hearing that first mourning dove, watching snow melt from the branches, and feeling the warm spring sunshine on my face. So happy spring, and enjoy some links that have inspired me this week!

Self-care is something that I know teachers don’t prioritize nearly enough: Experts share their tips on how you can be kinder to yourself.

Homemade almond milk. My bf makes this every week, and it’s always more delicious than the store-bought kind. Given how much I use each week for breakfasts, I should probably start making it too.

I sent this to one of my busy momma friends, about giving yourself some space, a moment of peace, which women don’t do often enough.

Along those same lines, you can’t read, watch and do everything (but I’m always guilty of trying).

And last, a super interesting article that gives another reason why poverty is a barrier to healthy eating habits. Children need to try a new food at least 8 times before they learn to like it – and if you’re strapped for cash, why would you bother buying a food that you know your child will reject 8 times in a row? Wasting food is not an option in many families, so kids don’t get enough chances to try new fruits and vegetables. Enter…the school system! Just another reason why we should systematically educate kids on healthy eating habits in schools.