wildnessI love leisurely Saturday mornings. They usually result in me drinking too much coffee (so warm and tasty!) and attempting to read the whole internet. So here is some weekend inspiration to share:
Have I mentioned my obsession with the Running on Om podcast? I can’t get enough of it. Try this episode on feminine fierce, or this one on falling in love with your running, or this one on the intersection of running, nutrition and intuition.

I’m trying to get better at journaling every day. I’ve figured out a good way to meditate in the morning (just two minutes, right before breakfast), but haven’t been able to fit journaling in my daily routine. This gives some good inspiration to find the time:

  • When you become a better listener to yourself, you become a better listener to others.
  • This soft quiet practice initiates the nurturing of your inner teacher, who happens to be pretty benevolent, empathetic and compassionate. You’ll start to be more lenient on yourself and that will trickle down to others because you’ll realize that we’re all doing the best we can with the tools we have.

When things are changing. Paying attention to subtle changes in your life/mind/body/soul, and why that’s important.

I always grapple with the paradox of personal growth: How do you find a balance between accepting and loving yourself for who you are, and working to change yourself for the better?

And in the teaching world:

Extraordinary things happen when we simplify childhood. I’m not a parent, but I have kids I love, and oh my gosh do I love this article.

Teaching kindergarten in a new age of anxiety. YES.

Just found another teaching book I can’t live without. I wish I had an unlimited budget for books… The Teacher You Want to Be: Essays about Children, Learning and Teaching.