Ah spring. My favorite season. Yes, I know that fall has changing leaves and that crisp autumn smell. But spring is filled with blooming flowers, and sprouting gardens, and hope. Here are some hopeful links to share with you this morning…

Making peace with my body: How I did away with guilt and focused on joy.

On mindful running.

A beautiful story on why we should be able to walk through our country, and how absurd it is that we can’t.

Rewild your life: a 30-day challenge. I signed up to do this challenge to spend 30 minutes in nature each day, but realized that it’s near impossible during the school year. Fortunately, next month is the end of the school year! So I’ll start it up then.

One of my all-time favorite bands is Cloud Cult. Their songs, shows, and albums are filled with so much beauty and emotion. Their lead singer, Craig Minowa, did an interview on the show On Being. I love everything he talks about, and also his midwestern accent.

A good lesson on being mindful when something is frustrating.

I wear these headbands all the time and love them! They’re adjustable, don’t slip, and come in really pretty patterns. Highly recommended.