I apologize I haven’t been posting lately. School will be over in one week (actually four days!) and I promise to be more active on here. One of my goals for the summer is to connect with writing and blogging more, as it’s a creative outlet that brings me a lot of happiness. But only when I make time for it! Meanwhile, here are a few links to inspire over the next week:

Catching a piece of the sky: on childhood and wonder

Jose Vilson (who wrote This is Not a Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class and Education) had a series of guest posts on his blog that I loved. This one especially.

Another Jose Vilson piece: We must not be defeated. On optimism in May.

I’m fascinated by simple, effective ways to do inquiry-based teaching. I liked this article, on why it’s not always important to name everything we find in the natural world.

Super cool! The first school district to embrace climate literacy. Maybe I should go teach in Portland.

I don’t know much about John Muir, but I’d like to know more, and I always see his quote “The mountains are calling” all over my Pinterest boards. Adventure Journal delves into what the quote actually means.

Hooray for the new food labels! They now have to show explicitly how much added sugar is in packaged foods. Serving sizes will also be changed to more accurately reflect the amount people eat.

This is your brain on nature.

I’m a slow runner, and always have been. This piece gave me hope that it might not have to be that way forever 🙂