I’ve been making lists called “Current Obsessions” since I was in middle school. These were primarily in the form of mix tapes and CDs, which, if you know me, is not at all surprising. (I am really into lists and also really into mix CDs.) So I decided to carry over my tradition of putting together a list of the songs I’m currently obsessed with, and tweak it a bit for the blog – putting together a list of all the things that I’m currently obsessed with. It’ll be kind of like my Inspiration for the Weekend posts, but not limited to internet links. I’m hoping to find more time to write about the things I’m passionate about, instead of just providing links to other people’s writing. So here goes!

I should note that this idea came in part from one of my current obsessions – Nicole Antoinette’s podcast Real Talk Radio. She does long-form interviews of some really amazing people involved in health, wellness and activism. And the first question she usually asks her guests is “What are you currently obsessed with?” It’s an awesome get-to-know-you question. I want to ask all my new coworkers that question.

And yes! I have new coworkers! I made an epic life decision this summer to switch school districts, so now I’ll be teaching at a school in my neighborhood (as opposed to a suburb that was about 30 minutes away). I’m going to miss my coworkers and families so much, but it seems like the right decision and I’m really excited to be starting at the new school. And it’ll save me an hour of driving every day! I can ride my bike to work! #lifechanging

Other obsessions include, obviously, how best to set up my classroom for the beginning of the school year. I have way fewer students (only 16! Last year I started with 24!) but also a smaller classroom, so I’ve had to be creative in how I set it up. I’m also trying to resist the idea of making my room perfect. I always dwell on the smallest of details, and end up spending two hours on, say, making my word wall letters perfectly spaced apart, when I could be using that time to, I don’t know…look at the curriculum? Or go home and relax? Thus, I’m trying to let go of the need for perfection. Which is hard, seeing as I am a classic Type A perfectionist… Anyways, in that spirit, I found this link to be super helpful: How Finland Starts the School Year. Seriously, if you are a teacher, read this post. It turns out you don’t NEED to spend 60 hours setting up your classroom, and in fact, maybe you shouldn’t?! (gasp)

I’m also really really trying to be more mindful about how I spend my money. Seriously, where does it all go? I don’t buy a lot of stuff, or so I tell myself. But somehow, at the end of each month, I end up spending way more than my paycheck probably allows for. Which is why I have been obsessively reading minimalist and don’t-be-stupid-about-money blogs, like this one and this one and this one. I also especially loved this from Becoming Minimalist: One Simple Question to Ask Before Any Purchase. Now I need to just start following his advice…

And last but not least, I am currently obsessed with what most others on the internet have been obsessed with for many years now… Instagram. I finally, finally let go of my resistance to having another social media platform to keep up with, and jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. So far, so good. I have a reasonable amount of willpower about not checking it too often, which makes me feel less guilt about enjoying all the inspirational pictures and posts from yoga/outdoorsy/runner people that I follow. Anyway, if you want to follow the blog’s new Instagram, I’m planning to post pictures of my morning runs and a few other things from time to time!