It’s been a while since I posted! Winter is one of the times that I like to retreat into myself, figure out my Word of the Year, set some intentions, all that lovely New Years stuff. I thought about setting a 2017 intention to blog more consistently, but I realized that would take the joy out of it for me. I like to write while the heat is in me, as Thoreau once said. Any attempt at having a regular blog series, or even a weekly writing habit, has failed for me, but I’m okay with that. I’m slowly learning to do things with less rigidity, more spontaneity, more listening to my intuition.

And this morning I really feel like sharing some obsessions with you! I have lots of new podcasts that I can’t get enough of. If only there could be more time in the day to consume all this information… Plus some recipes, links, and books I’m into as well.

Cheers, and happy January!

  • I’ve been pretty fascinated by the concept of rewilding for the last year or so. I’ve taken small steps to bring the philosophy into my life, although nothing earth-shattering just yet. But it’s fun to learn about it, and imagine the wild and naturey life that I’ll live sometime in the future… The Rewild Yourself podcast has lengthy but fascinating interviews with people interested in rewilding their lives, and the She Explores podcast is all about women who inspired by time spent outdoors.
  • How to Build a Culture of Good Health: A fascinating article on the link between our emotional expression and physical health, particularly the links between childhood experiences and the immune system.
  • Eliminating decision fatigue is a major reason behind why I am so routine-based. If I don’t have to think about my morning routine, it’ll mean a calmer, more relaxing start to the day, and more room in my brain for the fast-paced decision-making demands of teaching kindergarten.
  • Speaking of calm, some ways to filter out the noise throughout your day.
  • After hearing about the book Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature a bunch of times, I finally ordered it and can’t wait to dive in.
  • I’ve been obsessed with the idea of “invitations to create” in the classroom. I’ve done a fewofthem, and they’ve been really successful. I love that they don’t need much of an introduction, and really engage my kids to use creativity and imagination while they explore.