A new study conducts a systematic review examining the impacts of nature play on the health and developmental outcomes of children.

Yes! This study makes me so happy. I’m trying to save up lots of articles and research papers that concretely show the benefits of playing outdoors for kids during the school day. There’s lots to support playing outside in general, or families being in nature, but the direct effects on academic performance, health and well-being at school interests me even more as a teacher. So here is a great study that shows just that!

Playing freely in nature may boost complex thinking, social skills in kids

Highlights of what nature play can do:

  • improve children’s levels of attention and concentration
  • increase balance, fitness and strength
  • positively affect multiple types of play, including constructive, social, imaginative and functional play
  • improve children’s ability to settle in class

So excited to read this whole study. Here is a link to the journal article from PLOS One.